The capital city of Orlando, Florida has been described as the most beautiful city in the world, with the sun shining in the distance.

Now it is getting a real-life experience in its own right.

As the capital of the United States, Orlando has seen a boom in tourism and tourism-related industries in recent years, which has seen hotels and resorts grow rapidly.

Now the city of more than 6 million people is turning to its downtown area to attract tourists and build a new urban centre, complete with hotels, restaurants, shopping and a new arts and entertainment district.

Dubbed The Orlando Digital District, it will be the first major project in the US to take advantage of the city’s digital landscape, according to Orlando City Council President Greg Jennings.

Dubbing it the ‘Digital Orlando’, Jennings said it would allow residents and visitors to see more of the area and its surrounding neighborhoods in a more interactive way, creating a sense of community.

“It’s not only the city, it’s the people, the people that are going to be here,” he said.

“I think it’s going to make the city even more desirable to people that come here to experience this.”

The area around Orlando’s downtown has seen more than a decade of growth and revitalisation.

But Jennings said the growth and growth of the downtown area has come at a price, as there has been a lack of jobs, retail and housing.

The city’s population is now more than 1.5 million, but many residents have had to move away to make way for development.

“We need to make a decision on where to put our money,” Jennings said.

“We have to make that decision.”

Jennings said it will also be a place where people can come to connect with the city.

“The downtown area is a hub of tourism,” he added.

“It’s a gateway to all of the areas around the city.”

He said the city has created a new art and cultural district, which will allow for more arts and crafts to be performed in the area.

“Art and entertainment is really the future of this city, he said, noting that a new venue, the Orlando Theater, will be open in the city in 2018.”

There will be a new arena that’s going through the development process.

“But Jennings said that was not the only benefit.”

The project will be completed by 2020, and it will include a new park and plaza, including an outdoor plaza where residents will be able to park.”

And it will provide more of a destination for people that want to come here and live and work.”

The project will be completed by 2020, and it will include a new park and plaza, including an outdoor plaza where residents will be able to park.

There will also also be more retail and entertainment opportunities, with a new food court and a sports complex.

It will also include a newly built community centre with a library and classrooms, as well as a large community garden.

Jennings also announced a $1 million grant to build a $20 million community centre in the neighbourhood, which is part of a broader redevelopment of the Orlando Art Park.

The project is being managed by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.