CINCINNATI, Ohio — It’s not often that a team of architects and designers from Cincinnati, Ohio, comes together to design an apartment building.

But that’s exactly what happened Monday, when the team at The New Urban Center for Living opened a new, 10-story apartment building in the heart of Cincinnati’s historic neighborhoods.

The project, titled “Cincinnati’s New Urban House,” was designed by John Fagan, a veteran of the New Urban Project and architect of some of the biggest buildings in the city, including the Chrysler Building and the U.S. Capitol.

“I was in the trenches, designing for architects, architects for the city of Cincinnati,” Fagan told CNN.

“I have a passion for architecture and the city and it’s really exciting to see that the architectural community has responded to my passion.”

The project is expected to bring an estimated 1,200 new residents to the area, as well as a number of jobs, according to a release.

The building will also feature amenities including a rooftop bar and an indoor pool, and is slated for completion in 2021.

While most of the projects at The NUHC are residential-focused, this one was designed to be “urban,” Faggons team said in a statement.

“Cincinnati has an interesting and unique architectural style, and I feel that with this new urban house, we will provide a unique space for the public to come to and experience a neighborhood experience,” he said.

The New Urban center for living will be a hub for urban design and development in Cincinnati, according the release.

“The project will bring to Cincinnati a wealth of new opportunities to engage with and work with the local architectural community,” it added.