Perth, WA (AP) There are many reasons to consider an HTML5 web design.

HTML5 is a new technology that makes it possible to create rich interactive and dynamic web content.

Here’s what you need to know about HTML5.1.

HTML6 is a standard for HTML5 and CSS3, a subset of the HTML standard.2.

HTML7 is a superset of HTML5, and is based on the CSS3 specification.3.

HTML8 is a specification for the new web.

This specification is not yet released.4.

HTML9 is a browser specification that allows HTML5 elements to be added to other HTML5 features.5.

HTML10 is a subset that is being developed by Google.

It is currently being developed for mobile devices.6.

HTML11 is a set of standards for the web that are being developed to define the next generation of web browsers.7.

HTML12 is a document model that defines how to create content on the web.8.

HTML13 is a platform for building native mobile apps that can run on the latest smartphones and tablets.9.

HTML14 is a web standard for writing HTML5 applications.10.

HTML15 is a protocol for implementing native mobile web apps on web browsers like Safari.