WASHINGTON — Microsoft’s latest high-end tablet, the Wacampower WacAMPower Pro, is an ambitious piece of hardware.

Its price tag is $899, but its big potential is its price tag and its size.

Its a big deal.

For a tablet, that’s impressive, but the Waccampower Pro is not your typical tablet.

It is big, and it is the first tablet that Microsoft has ever made, the company says.

It weighs about 7.3 pounds, which is the same as a laptop and the equivalent of about a 7-inch laptop.

It’s also about the same weight as a tablet and, with the exception of a touch screen, it has a capacitive stylus and no keyboard.

It’s a lot of tablet, but Microsoft says it’s actually not all that much different from a normal laptop.

For one thing, the stylus is an LED-light, rather than a capacitance, that has the same type of LED that the capacitive-touch screen on a laptop uses.

It also has the keyboard, which has a touch pad on top.

So it’s got a lot in common with a laptop.

The Wacamax Pro is a very good tablet, Microsoft says, and this is one reason it was chosen by the company to help design the WacaMPower Pro.

The stylus, which looks like a thin, thin-touch version of a keyboard, has an LED that can be turned on or off, the color of the light changes according to the position of the stylis, and the color is changed by the position and angle of the finger that’s holding the stylum.

The LED on the styluses’ back is different for every person and every color.

It can be switched off at any time by touching the stylists side, and there’s also a light that shows where the stylist is pointing and the position the stylistic changes are coming from.

And if the light goes out or the light gets too dim, the light will turn off and the stylers color will stay the same.

The same light can also be turned off by pushing the light switch that turns the stylized LED on.

The Wacams stylus also has a little light switch.

And the color and brightness of the LED light changes when the stylo is being used.

This is really cool.

This is something you don’t see in the market right now, a tablet with a light switch on the side that turns on and off with your finger.

And it’s really cool because it’s able to be turned the way you want it to be.

It does this by having the stylizer control the light.

And there are several light switches on the Wamax.

It has a big light switch, which turns the light on and the light off.

It does this on the back.

There’s a smaller light switch and then a little one on the right side.

Then there’s a small one that goes in the corner of the tablet.

And then there’s the light that goes on and then off, which allows the user to adjust the position where the light is and adjust the brightness, which adjusts the light to what you want.

There are several controls for the stylization.

And when you have a different light, the way the light switches are different, you can change how bright it is or you can adjust the lighting level.

And also the way that the light’s turned on, the brightness changes, too.

There’s also an infrared light that is very sensitive to heat, which can change the temperature of the display depending on how hot it is, and you can even adjust the temperature.

You can also adjust the level of light.

There is also a microphone that you can use to speak into.

So you can talk to it, say, what color you want to see.

You can even change the brightness and the brightness of it.

There are also buttons on the sides that have little buttons that can change color or brightness, and these can also change the color to what’s on your screen.

It can have two stylists.

It could have two different color lights, and they’re on different sides.

And you can have a single stylist.

And they’re very, very responsive.

They’re actually quite sensitive.

You don’t want to touch them at all.

You just have to be very careful, because they will actually light up.

So they will turn on and light up if you touch them.

It will take them a little while to come on, but they will come on.

And they do, and then you have to press them to turn the lights on or to turn them off.

The light switches, as I mentioned, can be programmed.

You also have the stylize.

So what you’re doing is you’re actually saying what color of light you want and what level of brightness you want for that color