On Monday night, President Donald Trump and the Republican Party took the stage for a presidential debate, and it was a disaster.

The candidates took a bunch of questions about the Russia investigation, but the biggest question of the night was cybersecurity.

The question came after Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan repeatedly defended the White House and the president’s cybersecurity credentials.

Trump was asked about a new report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence that claims Russia had hacked Democratic National Committee emails and other Democratic Party emails.

“That’s not a fact, that’s not an allegation, it’s a conclusion,” Trump said.

“There’s no basis whatsoever for it.”

Trump and Ryan said the report is “a fact” that the FBI should investigate.

“You know, it has nothing to do with the intelligence community.

It has to do, quote, ‘with the Russians,’ and they are trying to undermine our democracy,” Ryan said.

The president was asked how he can defend the FBI investigation without being a part of it.

“I’m not,” Trump responded.

“And they know it.

They have to know it.”

Ryan said it was Trump’s “personal opinion” that there was no evidence that the Russian government tried to hack into the DNC.

“But the fact is, we’ve got to make sure that the Russians can’t get into our election.

And we have to make it hard for them to do that,” Ryan added.

“The fact is that they know we’re watching.

We know where they are.

Ryan was then asked about the new report. “

So I think that there is a lot of truth to that,” Trump added.

Ryan was then asked about the new report.

“It’s a fact that the intelligence communities are saying that the DNC and Podesta emails were hacked, but what’s the point of doing an investigation, right?”

Ryan said, referencing a report from The Washington Post.

“In the case of the Podesta email hacks, the Russians were not involved, so we should not be doing an inquiry, and the FBI shouldn’t be doing it.

“This is an investigation. “

If it is a breach, the evidence shows that there wasn’t a breach,” Ryan continued.

“This is an investigation.

It’s not supposed to be partisan.”

The Republican Party’s cybersecurity director, Kurt Bardella, defended the FBI director’s investigation into the matter.

“We know the information that was in the emails that were leaked by Wikileaks and released, and that was done by a criminal actor,” Bardella said.

He also added that the investigation is being led by FBI Director James Comey.

“He is conducting an investigation into a crime,” Bardlla said.

Trump’s comments, which have become a meme on Twitter, are the latest in a string of controversies that have dogged the administration.

The White House has been caught in a series of controversies over its response to the devastating floods in Texas, the fallout from the Paris terrorist attacks, and a controversial tweet sent by the president during his trip to Saudi Arabia.

Ryan and Trump’s campaign, meanwhile, have been embroiled in a host of controversies, including the release of false claims about the size of the crowd at the Republican National Convention.

Ryan, who was at the debate, called the crowd size claim a “hoax.”

He also said the president had been “pivoting from one false claim to another.”

The president has said the crowd numbers were inflated, and he is trying to get more people to show up for the events.

The administration has been criticized for the number of false statements that have been made about the floods and the number that have not.

Trump has also come under fire for his repeated calls for the U.S. to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

He is also criticized for suggesting that the Paris attacks were the work of foreign terrorists.

“What is our country coming to when our country cannot defend itself?”

Trump asked on Twitter.

“Do you want to build a great wall and throw us out of the Paris Climate Accord?

Just think of the damage and death and destruction we will all suffer?”