From the moment the first phone calls went out for a web design contest in the early ’90s, web design has been an integral part of Texas’ tech culture.

That is until a Texas court recently ruled that state law does not allow a developer to get the same level of credit for his or her work.

The Lubbocks native’s lawyers, however, have a different take.

A Lubbos lawyer says the state’s design law doesn’t discriminate, and that the only reason the Lubbons lawyer is asking the court to rule against Texas is because it was “politically motivated.”

“The Lubbites and Texans should have a voice, and we’re not going to let them have that,” said Steve Kopp, who represents the developers in the case.

“We want them to have a fair shot at having their work recognized and appreciated by the rest of the country.”

The L.A. Times reported that Kopp said he believes the law in Texas does not discriminate against web designers, saying that he is familiar with the L.L. Bean lawsuit, which claimed that the company was being discriminated against because it doesn’t have an online store.

Lubbacoan’s attorney, Craig Jones, argued that the case is about “state discrimination against a developer,” according to the Times.

He said that Lubbans developers have built a community, and have built up a business.

The developers, he said, have built businesses around their work.

L.T. Bean has sued Lubballs state government, arguing that the LSA is violating their rights to a fair and equal opportunity to compete.

LSA officials responded to the lawsuit on Monday, saying they were reviewing the matter.

The judges ruling is expected to come into effect on Tuesday.