Apple’s next iOS 10 release, which will be rolled out to customers this weekend, has seen an upgrade to iOS 10, which has been described as a “massive overhaul” of the operating system.

The update brings a number of major changes to the way apps run on iOS, including support for multitasking, new icons, and more.

But some of the biggest improvements in the update came from the new icons and the way the iOS 10 logo appears on the home screen.

AppleInsider reader Daniel has already posted a guide to get you up and running with the new UI in iOS 10 and we’ve rounded up a list of the best iOS 10 features that he found out about this week.

You’ll need to install the updated version of iOS 10 before you can use it.

However, there are several ways to get it.

First, open the Settings app.

Select General from the navigation bar, then tap About This Mac.

If you’re using a Macbook Pro, open Safari and go to the About This Apple icon in the upper-right corner.

If you’re running an iPhone 5s, go to Settings > General > About This App and tap the “About This Apple” icon to bring up the About Us section.

Finally, you can download iOS 10 from the App Store.

It’s not quite as simple as that.

If you have a Mac, go into the Utilities folder, and then locate the iphone_10.x_macosx_x86.bin file.

Inside the file, tap the icon for “x86_64”.

You’ll see an option to download iOS 9.x and the iOS 9 beta version, which are both available for download from the Apple Developer Center.

For Macs, you’ll need either the Mac App Store or a third-party downloader like App Store Finder to get the beta version of the iOS update.

iOS 10 beta 2 was available in the iTunes App Store for a limited time and was available for free until September 1.

The iOS 10 beta 3 was also available, and was $3.99 at the time of this writing.

If that all sounds like a lot, it is.

Apple will continue to offer beta updates on iOS for a while, and the beta 2 update was the most recent one released.

This beta was available from April 20, 2018 until June 1, 2018.

Apple will be releasing more iOS 10 updates throughout the year, but the first beta release will probably be the most popular.

This update should be able to handle multitasking and multitasking-heavy apps such as Spotify, Twitter, and YouTube.iOS 10 also brings a slew of other improvements to the Apple Watch.

The new interface, new notification and calendar support, and support for third-generation displays such as the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro have been a boon for Apple Watch owners.

The new icons have been made to fit the new look, and there’s also a new iOS 11 app icon.

We’ll be covering iOS 11 in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back then for the most up-to-date iOS 11 information.

There’s also now a new icon for Apple’s new Siri assistant.

It should be a lot more familiar to Siri users, so if you’re a big Siri fan, you should definitely check it out.