“There’s a reason that we built the Internet as a shared space for people to share information, to get together to network, to share ideas, and that’s to get us all the information we need to succeed.”

— John Gilmore, founder and CEO of the Pacific Coast Internet Association.

“We’re building the Internet for everyone, everywhere.”

— Mike Vladeck, co-founder and CEO at Cloudflare, a web hosting company, on the Pacific Rim Internet.

“The Pacific Northwest is the birthplace of the internet, the birthplace where the internet thrived, and the birthplace for the future.”

— Paul Bernal, CEO of Google, on launching the World Wide Web.

“If we’re going to have the Internet we’re all going to need it.”

— Bill Gates, cofounder of Microsoft, on how the Internet is a universal resource.

“This is the most important decision of my life.”

— Elon Musk, cofounder and CEO, Tesla, on why the world needs a network of Internet hubs.

“What we’ve done is make the world’s fastest growing region more accessible to the rest of the world.”

— David Meehan, former director of the Office of Net Applications, on building the Pacific Internet Association in the Pacific Southwest.

“It’s an extraordinary opportunity to make this region a global leader in Internet and technology policy, and a critical component of the Internet ecosystem as a whole.”

— Mark Zuckerberg, coFounder and CTO of Facebook, on founding the Pacific Web.