RTE article A new web design app is out, but it’s the one that’s getting the most buzz.

The app, named ‘Tower of Heroes’, was unveiled by RTE’s digital editor Andrew O’Hagan.

Tower Of Heroes was created by London-based developer R&P Digital to help people who were struggling to find affordable insurance, but were having problems paying for their own.

“A lot of people are struggling,” Mr O’Connor told The Irish Times.

He said the app was designed to help, not just those who were having trouble with their insurance, “but the average consumer.”

The app lets users see a map of insurance companies across the country and search for a quote by the insurer’s website.

It also shows you where your insurance company is located.

“They’re often in the same locations as you, but they’re also looking at different insurers,” Mr Dennard said.

“If you’ve got your local bank, they’re going to have the same prices across the board.”

Mr Dennad said the company’s app had been designed to make it easy for consumers to find the cheapest insurance.

He said that was a key aspect of the app, which was meant to be used by the average user.

“The more people that have access to the app to use it, the better the experience will be,” he said.

He also said the service was designed for people who had a high deductible, so people with high income may have a lower chance of getting a good deal.

The app is currently available in the app store.


Digital has previously released apps that help people find an insurance company.

For example, it launched a mobile app that let people search for the cheapest home insurance rates in Ireland in April this year.

A similar app was also launched in the UK earlier this year for people looking to find a mortgage broker.

It was launched in April by R&amps UK, which also operates a mobile insurance app.