A Texas State professor and a student who are both working to get their web design school accredited have won $50 for their work.

Kirsten Loesch, an associate professor of graphic design, and Jessica Stiles, a student in computer science, were finalists in the contest sponsored by the Texas State Department of Education.

Loesch is a graphic designer who’s been working on her own website and an online store for the past two years.

Stiles is a computer science student.

Both have made it into the top 10 of the contest, according to a news release from the school.

The contest was open to anyone who is interested in designing a website for Texas State, as well as anyone who wants to create a website.

Loesz is the first female winner, with a total of $30,000.

The competition was open throughout January, with the first competition taking place Jan. 31, according the release.

The winning website was created by Stiles and Loeschy, and the site is currently being redesigned.

Lopesch says the website is in its final stages of design, with more details coming soon.