The University of Western Sydney is introducing a free course for its undergraduate and postgraduate students that aims to teach them how to create and use web design using HTML and CSS.

The web design course, called Web Design: The Essential Guide, is being developed in partnership with the Department of Digital Arts and Design at UWS.

UWS’ students can access it through the school’s online platform, and can sign up to receive updates as the course progresses.

The course will be available in the UWS Student Centre, the University of Sydney’s Business School and the School of Engineering and Technology’s design studio, with additional courses also planned.

The content of the course is aimed at anyone with an interest in the web design and design-focused fields, such as graphic design, web development, content creation and design, UX design and user interface design.

Students will have the opportunity to apply their design skills to real-world applications, as well as explore how to apply the same skills to the web.

UWC’s Web Design Department said the course would help students develop their skills in a wide range of areas, including: Web design, HTML and the CSS3 specification, CSS3 typography, CSS fundamentals, and Web UI design.

The first students will be able to complete the course by September, with further classes being added each year.

Students who are interested in the course should apply through the Uws Student Centre and contact the department at [email protected] to register.

Uws students are also able to sign up for email updates about upcoming classes.

Web Design will also provide the UW Students with a chance to meet the team that develops and implements web design applications.

The university is partnering with The Creative Technology Institute, which is a digital marketing, design and content agency.