The Irish newspaper’s web design business has had a tough year and the latest issue of The Irish Examiner reports that it is facing a significant cost.

“The cost of re-designing the website for a mobile device is approximately $2,200, and if we are going to re-engineer the website to a mobile website, it is going to take at least two to three months, depending on the type of reworking that we need,” the business’s chief executive, John Furlong, told The Irish Herald.

Furlongs website includes a mobile version of its news website, The Irish Observer.

FURLONG: The cost of redesigning the site for a new mobile site is approximately two to four months, but we will have to have a very long process of rewiring the site and creating a new app.

We will also need to do some design tweaks, as well as redesigning some of the branding elements of the website.

If you have a mobile phone, you can download the app, and it will provide you with the information that you need to design your new website.

You can then use that information to get the new design in the app.

That information will then be sent to the designer for re-engineering.

But if you are designing for a desktop device, the process is a bit different.

The process of redesign is different, as we will need to have an engineering team work on the design.

There will also be a design consultant, who will then come in and work with the designer to develop the design and deliver it to the end user.

The newspaper has a staff of about 250 people.

It has offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.