Philadelphia — — The city’s new mayor is the first to admit that Philadelphia’s building design is “really impressive.”

Mayor Nutter is also the first person to admit he is working on a new web design master plan, which is supposed to guide the city through the next several years.

A draft of the plan, released Thursday, lays out the city’s priorities for building a modern, livable city, and the city is working to complete it before the end of the year.

“Our city is changing,” Mayor Nutter said in a statement.

“I want the best and most modern architecture to reflect that.”

The plan says the city has to focus on building buildings that are “green, sustainable and safe” and that “people will feel safe and welcome to live and work in our city.”

The draft of a new design masterplan for Philadelphia, which the city says will help guide the development of its city, was unveiled Thursday.

(Courtesy of Mayor Nuts)The plan calls for the city to create a network of “safe spaces” around every building, and that the city should “create more pedestrian pathways” in all areas of the city.

It also calls for a “robust urban greenway network” and “an ambitious vision for pedestrianization” of the area around every city building.

“We are committed to creating a thriving, walkable, pedestrian-friendly city, where people can be themselves and have fun without fear,” Nutter says in the plan.

The city is also moving forward with its plan to rebrand itself as “The City of Bridges.”

The city hopes to re-open and rebrand as The City of Bridgeways.

Nutter is expected to unveil the new plan at the city council’s public works committee meeting Thursday.