The Lad’s Web Design Contract

Contract to build a web design for a new restaurant is the first step in hiring a new contractor.It’s a job that requires an extensive knowledge of building websites and

Why ‘Madison’ is best-selling web design brand

The Madison website is now available to the world.The site, which is still under construction, has received almost 700,000 views since its launch in 2013.The design team, which includes the

Google Play is not a game, says CEO

Google Play, the online game retailer, is not “a game”, according to CEO Sundar Pichai.Pichai told an audience at Google I/O in San Francisco that the company “didn’t make games”

‘Hacker’ to make history at New York Fashion Week

Now Playing: How hackers have created a global community on the InternetNow Playing: Meet the woman who is making an impact on the tech industryNow Playing, the New Yorker says,

Why a company’s logo is so important to its brand

The web design world is a strange place these days.Every company seems to be reinventing itself in a new way, and with it, the logos of its most successful products.But

Why Apple should give up on the iPhone, too

Apple has been struggling to deliver on the iPad as the industry grapples with declining tablet sales, but the company should give it up.Apple has made its tablet lineup a

Which Web Design Process is the Best for Your Business?

By now, you’ve probably heard about the growing popularity of web design for startups and companies.We’ve seen hundreds of startups launch their own web design companies, and a few have

How to design your own beachwear: 5 tips

How to create your own custom beachwear for yourself.Here are some of our tips:1.Buy cheap.Buy a cheap pair of shorts.That’ll give you plenty of padding.2.Pick a pattern.Go for something that

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