Oklahoma City, Okla.

(CNN) — As a new wave of Web designers in the U.S. continues to forge ahead with their designs and innovations, they are taking advantage of the changing landscape.

The design boom in the United States has transformed the landscape of how people design their online profiles and websites.

New Orleans Web designers have been at the forefront of the industry, but in Oklahoma City, they’re taking advantage.

Oklahoma City-based Web designer and blogger Sarah Voisin created a website that takes the same visual cues and patterns from Oklahoma City’s design scene and taps into its unique flavor.

Her website, called OKCWSD, is a blend of OKC Web design and New Orleans style.

She has a lot of fans, too, with her design being shared on Facebook and Twitter.

She says OKC has a really cool mix of styles that you can mix and match and the people here really like it.

She uses an old school design language, using the words OKC, Oklahoma City and its landmarks to tell a story.

She calls it “a visual diary,” and it’s a visual journal of sorts, a diary of her travels and the things she experiences around OKC.OKCWPD has been viewed more than 5 million times and shares the word “likes” on Facebook with more than 8 million people.

The Oklahoman has reached out to Sarah Vommen to find out more about her and her site.

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