Fiverrs, the online shopping service that offers personalized shopping for items like jewelry, furniture and household goods, has announced a new subscription service called Mystery Gift.

Fiverr’s new Mystery Gift service will offer customers a “uniquely personalized gift” to add to their shopping cart and add to any Fiverrr store they visit, Fiverrus co-founder and chief executive officer Scott Kappelman told Business Insider.

For example, if a customer is shopping at and visits, he will be able to choose between a personalized, curated collection of items that Fiverric’s team will then deliver to him via a mail-order or courier service, Kappelson said.

The Fiverreys new Mystery gift service will be available for $20 a month and will include up to four items.

The first item the customer selects will be a one-time payment for the full price of the item plus shipping and handling, plus $5 for any additional items the customer wants.

The second item will be $20 for the items, plus shipping, plus any additional shipping, and the total will be the full $50.

Kappelons new mystery gift service comes as Fiverraises share price fell by as much as 4% on Tuesday following reports of its failure.