The U.S. Department of Commerce is making it easier for companies to create websites that look like they came from the future.

Microsoft today announced the launch of a new web design definition, which includes a template and an easy-to-follow tutorial.

The definition will help companies create web designs that look much like the ones we see on our smartphones and tablets today, and it will also help companies find better ways to communicate with customers.

The new web-design definition, called the Web Design Definition, provides a template to help companies design web designs using CSS and JavaScript.

It includes a video that walks through the process and a link to the source code for the template, which is available on Microsoft’s website.

It’s a great way for companies that need help with design workflows, as well as businesses looking for guidance on the best ways to use CSS and JS in their workflows.

Microsoft’s Web Design Define templates were designed with the following requirements in mind: The content should look and feel like it came from some future time, such as the web that was popular in that time, but still modern.

The design should be intuitive to use, so that people can easily read and follow instructions.

A clear and clear example of how the design should work is included in every example page.

There should be no hidden content, and the website should have a simple design.

The site should be easy to navigate and easily searchable.

The website should be compatible with modern web browsers and should display content that is suitable for the modern web, including images and video.

For more information, visit Microsoft’s blog post.

The U.K.-based online retail giant is also working on a similar template.

The company says the new web definition helps developers create more responsive websites that can better accommodate the changing needs of the modern world.

It says that with the new template, designers can now design websites with modern features such as mobile support, retina displays, and more.

It also provides more detail on how to use the template and how to create a web page.

Microsoft also released a free online template to show off the new Web Design definition.

The template is available here.

For more information on the Web design process, check out this blog post from Microsoft.