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What Is A Website?

A website is an online document, and it contains the content that visitors are looking for, such as a website’s navigation, a page’s layout, and other important information.

A website can be created with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and even CSS3.

The most common website template is an HTML document, which is made up of two parts, an HTML tag ( ), and a CSS tag ( .html ).

You can find the full list of HTML tags in the following table.

The table below lists the main HTML tags used on websites, as well as the most common CSS tags used by websites.

HTML Tag Meaning



HTML Tag Purpose Content tag (categories) The content tag is the link between the content of the HTML document and the corresponding page’s navigation.

Link to page


Link title “:

(This link will be used to find your site)

The following are some common categories: articles, videos, pictures, search results, weather, search terms, weather widgets, news, sports, sports scores, news sources, and more.

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