The best web designers are the ones who can help your team understand what the future of your business is going to be, what your brand wants to be and what your target audience is going through, according to a new report.

While there are some trends that you might not be aware of, you should look out for them.

Read more”It’s the designers that have a passion for the technology and are able to understand how the business works,” says Ian Brown, managing director of global design at KPMG, the global design consultancy.

“If they’re a designer, it means they’re looking to take a team of people and create something new and exciting.”

The report, published by KPMg, looked at 100 of the most prominent and influential web designers across a wide range of industries, from fashion to design to architecture and entertainment.

It found that web design was an important part of the future for the business, with 80 per cent of the respondents saying they were looking for a web designer with a design background.

“It is important that you’re looking for an experienced, highly skilled and passionate designer to help you create a new business vision,” says Brown.

“There’s no one way to design a website.

You can do it on your computer, you can do on your tablet or you can go out and spend some time designing your website.”

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