Squarespace and Wix have teamed up to make a game based on an original idea, the Wix blog reported.

The Wix website has launched an app called Wix Game Builder, which allows players to create their own games based on the ideas of designers Wix and Squarespaces’ Wix.

“It’s really about letting you create the games that you want and have them play in a fun, friendly, interactive environment,” Wix co-founder Mike Tindall told the website.

“We are also using our knowledge from Squarespaced to build the WIX Game Builder app for mobile platforms.”

The app lets players design their own game, and then share it online with others.

“The WIX team has a great sense of humour about the concept, so we thought that would be a fun challenge to take,” said Tindill.

Wix has built a mobile version of its game called WIX, which will run on iOS and Android.

“You can start playing now, just click on the icon to start,” said the website, which says it will continue to update the game with new features.

“To be honest, it’s a little bit of a challenge,” said Wix founder and CEO Tim Sowery.

The app is designed to work on phones and tablets, with a focus on fun, interactive games, with Wix also offering a range of other games.

But it’s not the only game Wix is developing.

The website says the company has also partnered with game designer David Jaffe to make an online-only game called The Biggest, which combines elements from the Wicks’ Wicks and Squicks.

It was developed using Wix’s Wix App, which has been downloaded more than 4.5 million times, and it is currently available on the App Store and Google Play.