I think it was pretty obvious that the original logo that I wanted was something that was familiar to me.

It wasn’t going to be a logo that was new.

But it had to be something that I liked.

So I had to try and create something that would be as fresh and as new and different as possible.

And that meant the color scheme.

And I knew that I had the perfect color scheme to help it stand out, because I had already done the colors for a number of websites.

But the colors were so important to the design that I was trying to achieve, that I needed a very unique palette.

And in that regard, the new logo is a great example.

I’m not saying that it’s perfect, but I think that it was really my idea and I wanted it to be unique.

So that’s what I did.

And then we did the color palette.

We did it in three different colors.

The first one was white.

And the second was black and red.

And this was a bit of a departure from the usual color palette, but the third color was orange.

And what we really wanted to do was make the colors of the logo really stand out.

And so I think the third one is probably the most interesting color palette that I’ve ever created.

It was a very bright orange, and it was very intense, and we had the opportunity to have that intensity throughout the logo.

And it just sort of got in the way.

But at the same time, we also wanted to give the website a bit more personality.

So the website was supposed to be really simple and very functional.

So it wasn’t meant to be that kind of design.

So we had to add a lot of personality to it.

The colors are also a little more saturated and less bold than normal colors.

So you can really see the different colors that I used on the logo and the design.

I actually think it’s actually quite a great palette for that kind a design.

But we also have to make sure that we still have a lot in common with the website itself.

We didn’t want to just go with the red and orange.

We had to really create a really bold, very bold red and red-orange color scheme and a very bold orange color scheme, so that we could make the logo stand out a little bit more.

The orange was very powerful, and that really helped the website stand.

And again, I wanted to create a logo with lots of personality.

And if you’re going to do that, you also want to be able to do it on the internet.

I mean, if you go online, it’s all about the ads.

And a lot more people are searching for that than they are looking for a website.

So, you want to create something very powerful.

So one of the main reasons that I decided to go with orange was because orange was a strong color.

It really is, and I think you’ll see that when you look at the site.

But what I also wanted was that the website had this amazing, bright orange color.

And we also needed a little hint of blue to give it some sort of visual personality.

We wanted it not to look like it’s a logo.

It’s not a logo, but it has a sort of color scheme that has that bright orange look.

And one of my goals was to make it feel a little different than the typical website.

And even though I had a website, I had some other things to do.

I had my own brand.

And also, I was working on a book.

So all of those things made it a little tricky.

But ultimately I think Orange has really come out of my own personality.

I think people are going to like it.

I know that people will enjoy it.

And there’s some good reason for that.

I would definitely recommend it to anybody who has an interest in web design and web design related topics.

And just to give you a little perspective, it was actually my website that was created and designed by my son.

I created it to show him how much fun I could be with web design.

He had been a big fan of it, and he liked the look of it and he really enjoyed it.

So for people who are interested in the web design process and web development, I think I’ve got a great resource for you right now.

And you can check out the website at my web design site, and just check it out and let me know if you have any questions about the process or just if you’ve found it helpful.

And, as always, thanks for listening.