Posted August 18, 2019 06:27:10In her home office, Kathy Kwan of the city’s Web Design Artisans is busy turning her cityscape into a world-class community center for its residents and visitors.

The artisans and their clients are not only the primary employers in the city, but also have the unique expertise to design and develop all aspects of their project, from the building of the main facade to the design and installation of the public plaza, Kwan said.

“We do our own thing.

We don’t rely on anybody else to come and make things happen,” she said.

The people of Cincinnati have an affinity for the cityscape.

A 2016 survey by the U.S. Census Bureau found that about 40 per cent of residents think the downtown is one of the best places to live.

And Kwan and her clients are among those who feel the same way.

They envision the site as a sort of cultural center, where the people of the area can gather to enjoy a variety of local music, art and culture.

They also envision a thriving downtown community.

The downtown revitalization effort is just one example of how Cincinnati is working to bring its people back to the city center.

The city has a new downtown parking garage, and is planning to transform the riverfront into a parkland.

And the city is expanding the downtown library, creating more space for arts and cultural activities and creating more public spaces for pedestrians.

Kwan is one example.

Katherine Ahern, a certified public accountant and city planner, is helping with the downtown revitalisation project.

Her group is working with the city on building a new public plaza at the south end of the river.

“This plaza would have a lot of public space and would be a good location for a lot more events,” she says.

“It would be very much a part of the revitalization of downtown.”

Ahern is part of a group of downtown experts that is developing the Downtown Community Improvement Project.

The group, which is also working with City Manager Doug Mayer, hopes to develop a blueprint for how the city can better utilize the downtown’s commercial spaces, which are shrinking and increasingly vacant.

The goal is to use public spaces, like the riverwalk, as a space to promote the revitalizing of the downtown and create a new identity for the area.

The plaza could serve as a gateway to a new area, like a new convention center, or as an outdoor public plaza with a public courtyard.

“The plaza should be open to people and it should be used as a place for people to gather and socialize,” says John Dickson, director of the Downtown Planning Council.

In the city of Cincinnati, the downtown has been a popular destination for many years, but the area is now losing its character.

The riverfront has become a dumping ground for old, deteriorating buildings, and the river is becoming more polluted and polluted by cars.

Ahern says that the city must find ways to make the river more accessible and attract people back downtown.

“There is a need for a new riverfront that would reconnect people to downtown and to the surrounding community,” she explains.

“You’re going to have to do something that has the capacity to attract more people, because it’s a little too congested,” she adds.

The city is considering creating a new parkland in the river and has created a $1.4-million grant program for its project.

The plan calls for the creation of a new, five-acre parkland along the banks of the Ohio River, along with a new visitor plaza, which will be connected to the parkland by a new bridge.

The parkland will be located in the center of downtown, near the banks.

The riverfront plaza will include:•A new public walkway to connect the river with the riverbank, a public plaza to attract people to the downtown area, and an outdoor plaza with public seating.•A public courtyard with a pedestrian pathway, outdoor seating and seating areas for vendors and restaurants.•New public space for pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy, including a bike lane and an elevated pedestrian plaza.•Accessible paths for cyclists, pedestrians and kayakers to use.•The creation of an outdoor amphitheater for musicians, artists and families.

The project is being developed by the city and is supported by the Downtown Development Authority.

A formal announcement of the project is expected in the next few weeks.

The Cincinnati-based nonprofit, Cincinnati Arts Council, has also been working on a public art project on the river that will be the centerpiece of the new park.

The project will feature a new art installation on the Ohio, a new sculpture on the bank of the stream, and a sculpture by the artist Frank Haskins.

“Cincinnati Arts Council is very excited about this project, and we believe this project is going to