Google Play, the online game retailer, is not “a game”, according to CEO Sundar Pichai.

Pichai told an audience at Google I/O in San Francisco that the company “didn’t make games” and that “our core philosophy is that our core philosophy should be about playing a game.”

In his keynote speech, Picha said the company does not want to be a publisher and that it wants to provide customers with content that is “quality, relevant and fun.”

“What we have been doing is making sure we provide the content that people want and the content they can play,” Pichaj said.

“That’s a really important part of the business, and that’s really the reason we have made it a part of our DNA.”

Google Play has been one of the few places in the past where games have had a big presence.

However, the company has recently been getting pressure from rivals such as, which have launched their own games.

Pichais keynote address was the first time that Google had publicly acknowledged the growing pains of a fledgling online gaming business.

Puchai also said the goal was to create a more “fun” online gaming experience for users.

“We’re going to take that and make it a much more fun and exciting experience for our customers,” Puchai said.

Puchahs speech comes after a series of Google IOS changes that have affected the Play store.

In October, Google removed its “recommended” feature, which allowed users to opt-in to play games from their friends or other friends.

It also removed the ability to delete game-related notifications.

The changes came just a month after Google announced a new set of rules for games on Google Play.

Pchai’s speech comes as Google’s stock is trading lower amid a broader slowdown in the world of mobile gaming.