The Amazon, eBay and Google websites will launch an ecommerce business next year, a move that could mark a major shift in how people shop online.

The new businesses, which are expected to be called “designer-focused online stores,” will focus on online retailing, such as apparel and jewelry, said Chris O’Neill, the president of ecommerce for

They will be backed by O’Reilly Media, a company founded by the brothers Tim and Doug O’Neil.

The O’Nelles also own the online retail giant AmazonFresh, which sells groceries, household items and other products online.

Tim and Doug will run the new business, which will focus mostly on design and graphic design, said O’Donnell.

The O’Neals will work with the online retailer on the new online store.

“We believe this will be a game-changer in the way people shop,” O’Leary said.

“It will enable us to build a new category of online store.”

Amazon and eBay have struggled to make inroads in online retail, and have faced strong competition from Amazon and others.

They were acquired in a $775 billion deal last year by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar.

The companies say they are making big bets on online commerce.

Amazon, for example, plans to open its first retail store in Washington in 2019.

eBay will open its second store in Chicago in 2019 and the third store in San Francisco in 2020.

The online retailers will be able to offer online services such as shipping, insurance and returns, and to sell products on their sites.

The new businesses will be separate from the companies that operate traditional brick-and-mortar retailers.

The move by Amazon and eBay could also be a sign of how the companies see their businesses evolving in the coming years.

Both companies have faced increasing competition in the online space, as online shoppers have increasingly gravitated to services like AmazonFresh.

In January, Amazon announced it would expand its ecommerce offerings to include more than 3 million products and services.

The businesses will make the announcement Monday in an earnings call with analysts.

Omidyars’ company is also in talks with retailers about the possibility of a standalone online retail business.

Omidys company, the Omidya Group, will launch a design-focused business in 2020, said Paul Polman, chief executive of Omidiyar Media, in a statement.

O’Leary has said he hopes to make Amazon’s ecommerce efforts more profitable by expanding its reach.

The company has not released a final number on the number of people who will shop for its online products or services, but Omidayas company estimates that about 3 million people will shop online in 2020 for its products and $5 billion in revenue.