A new tool is allowing anyone to determine if a site is trustworthy or not.

The tool, which was first revealed at Defcon on Monday, is called Snopes.

It can determine whether a website has been verified and if so, it can warn users.

There are currently eight sites, including the popular website Reddit, that have been tested.

However, there are still a few more that have yet to be tested, including The Daily Show and Buzzfeed.

This new tool was created by two University of Michigan students who called themselves “snopes” and were interested in building an app that could detect the authenticity of a website.

The two students, Josh Henshaw and Zachary Mims, both graduated from the University of Minnesota and had previously built a site called “Pokebot” which was based on the same idea.

They decided to make the site to test the functionality of Snopes, which uses a social network to connect users.

They also used the platform to create the website “Snopes” which is a platform for users to submit reviews of sites.

They were interested because of its popularity and because it’s easy to build.

“I wanted to be able to give people a place where they could say whether they thought the website was trustworthy or questionable,” Mims told Business Insider.

They created Snopes in March 2016 and used the same social network as Reddit, but instead of the usual Reddit logo they made their own and gave it the Reddit name.

After a few months, they discovered that it was a popular site.

When users would post negative reviews about sites on Snopes they were able to link the negative reviews back to the website they had posted them on.

However the site also allowed users to comment on the negative review.

So when the reviewers came back with negative comments about the website, the site automatically flagged the comments and made the site think the review was negative.

“That allowed the site, and by extension us, to say to the reviewers that we are aware of this and we would like them to be more careful in their reviews,” Mumes said.

“If we were to find a more egregious way to misrepresent an information on Snope, we would alert them to that.”

The site has already been used by some people and is still growing, but now there are other people who want to use it and test it.

In the future, Mims said the site may allow users to give feedback about a website they’ve visited or to submit a review.

However he said it will not allow users who have not visited the site in a long time to have access to the site.

Snopes will be open to anyone who wants to use the site and the developers say they will add more features to the platform over time.

For now, it’s available for free on the web and is not currently available for iOS or Android.